The rise of Chicago’s craft breweries

by Brenden Miranda and Yaricza Flores

In the bustling city of Chicago lives a quaint establishment, nestled away in a small industrial district of the city’s West Town. Emblazoned on the side of the building reads, “On Tour Brewing Company”, although you’d easily miss it if you’re not paying attention.

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Google MyMaps: Chicago Street Art Tour Map

Do you love Chicago? Do you love street art? Chicago is a beautiful city and more specifically a city that has been touched and blessed by many talented artists. These artists are both from the Windy City (Chicago) but also visiting artists from around the world. These beautiful pieces are just some of many murals and works that have created to tell stories and give hope to communities and their people.

The pieces are just a small part of this beautiful cities diversity and story. I have taken the time to create a map of some of the cities street art. Whether you are looking for something to do on a day off, visiting, in the area, or into getting some cool backdrops for pictures. Enjoy a long diverse bike ride or a train ride to see this piece all up close and personal.

P.s. majority of the photocredits: @choosechicago